STAR DEAN-WILLCOCKS has four principals and some 40 staff specialising in all aspects of corporate insolvency.  Principals, Ron Dean-Willcocks, Nick Malanos, Ian Purchas and Adam Shepard have over 80 years of combined insolvency experience.  STAR DEAN-WILLCOCKS has an excellent record of successful Deeds of Company Arrangement for the benefit of creditor and debtor alike and is one of the most regularly appointed firms of voluntary administrators in Australia, having previously successfully converted Voluntary Administrations to Deeds of Company Arrangement at 150% of the national average rate.  STAR DEAN-WILLCOCKS has proudly co-ordinated the Conference since inception. www.sdw.com.au
BROWN WRIGHT STEIN, formally the commercial division of Gillis Delaney Brown, is a leading commercial legal practice that services a niche client base of owner-operated businesses and high net worth individuals.  Its four partners and team of some 40 support and legal staff focus on their relationships with both the client and their advisors, ensuring an integrated approach to building legal solutions.  BROWN WRIGHT STEIN offers a comprehensive service that includes expertise in estate planning, employment law, trade practices law, revenue law, property law, and corporate and commercial law in general.  BROWN WRIGHT STEIN is a long standing major sponsor of the Conference. www.bwslawyers.com.au
O'MARAS VALUERS & AUCTIONEERS.  clients include accountancy, insolvency and legal firms, financial institutions, government bodies as well as from the corporate and industrial sectors.  With affiliates in all states, O'MARAS VALUERS & AUCTIONEERS can provide nationwide service whilst offering competitive and quick turn around on valuations. www.omaras.com.au
SHEAHAN LOCK PARTNERS is a multidisciplinary practice based in Adelaide and Sydney specialising in effecting recoveries for creditors through the identification and management of legal claims controlled by insolvent entities.  Accordingly, SHEAHAN LOCK PARTNERS is frequently commissioned by Australian and overseas clients to acquire controlling debt parcels in distressed companies or negotiate the purchase of prospective legal claims. www.slp.net.au
ASCEND ASSET MANAGEMENT'S objective is to provide companies with development capital from "Idea to IPO".  They use their team's experience to identify young, unlisted companies with innovative and exciting business ideas, and help these companies to flourish upon listing.  Some of the most innovative ideas have come out of Australia however it is often difficult for these innovators to fund their ideas.  ASCEND ASSET MANAGEMNT seeks out investors who think "outside the box" and will provide capital to commercialise these businesses. www.ascendam.com.au
MAVEN FINANCIAL is a proven wealth specialist which has 20 years experience in helping clients achieve their financial security.  MAVEN is a 'boutique' wealth management group advising a select group of private clients on how to invest, manage and protect their wealth.  They recognise that no two individuals have the same financial circumstances or goals.  At MAVEN they recognise each client is unique, but what remains consistent is the strategic blueprint process they apply to help each client to reach their financial aspirations. www.mavenfinancial.com.au

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