We welcome the following speakers who have indicated their current availability:

David Bellack

Senior Vice President/General Counsel,
Aspen Skiing Company

Auden Schendler

Director, Community and Environmental Responsibility,
Aspen Skiing Company

Christopher Brown

Brown Wright Stein, Lawyers

Bruce Hodgkinson SC


Tim O'Mara

Managing Director,
O'Maras Valuers & Auctioneers

Alan Beasley

Ascend Asset Management Limited

John Star

Managing Director,
Star Corporate

Peter Wright

Brown Wright Stein, Lawyers

John Sheahan

Sheahan Lock Partners

Ron Dean-Willcocks

Star Dean-Willcocks
Business & Insolvency Solutions

Andrew Bowring

Managing Director,
Maven Financial

Dr John Buchanan

Workplace Research Centre,
University of Sydney

Helen Vincent

Peak Performance Coach, Health & Fitness

Caroline Counsel

Caroline Counsel Family Lawyers

The professional program will be confirmed prior to the Conference and will include a number of the speakers listed above.  Additional speakers (if any) will likely be from the Australian & North American accounting and legal professions.

The professional program has been developed to cover a number of major areas including issues such as:
  • Trends effecting the professions
  • Investment outlook for 2008
  • Directors duties
  • Asset valuation and realisation
  • Litigation lending
  • Insolvency issues
  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Legal issues effecting resort management
  • occupational health and safety
  • Employee related issues
  • Insolvency issues

Note: Full details of the professional program will be available prior to the Conference and may change from that noted above.

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